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Hot Bollywood Blue Film Scandal Actress Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is the most popular actress of Indian film industry Bollywood, who belongs to Indian Punjab.

Next in celebrity gossip with us here in the press is a young and promising hot Punjabi girl named Sonam Kapoor, she was on file Indian female models long and worked example Miss India Tropic contest and I have used it in various projects as Shakeup brochures, exhibitions and more. Specific and idol girls on tour!

Name: Sonam Kapoor
Constellation: Aquarius
Location: Punjab
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Black
Bra no: 57 ff
where you’ve seen me: Miss India, Shakeup and the other, and these advertisements, exhibitions and more. Even in Bollywood?
Workplace / profession: Indian film industry and Training consultant World Acting Class School
Favorite drink: Strawberry Juice
Favorite taste: Oliver
The best Indian singer: Classical old Indian songs and the music of A.R Rehman.
Channel 2 or 1 screen: Both better.
Best website:
My favorite models: Britney Spears and Adriana Lima.
Most beautiful person in the world: Is definitely looking for me right now
Indian men are very: Caring and charming.
I go to sleep in: The good mood
I’m off the frenzy: that I come to the door like I’m dressed
Motto: This redact!
Boyfriend: No comment

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