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How Fame Can Change People

Many successful people have destroyed their careers with their actions.

There are many athletes, musicians, or actors, that because of their brilliant careers, became very famous, and even the idols of some people. However, in the last few years many artists, even athletes, have destroyed their careers and desappointed their fans, with their actions. Drugs, sex, or alcohol are some of the scandals.

Kurt Cobain, or Diego Maradona, were in their time, idols for some people. Their were the example of a successful career, one onthe music, the other on soccer. But, both of them totally destroyed their careers because of the same problem, the drugs. Their destiny ended to be different. Maradona recovered, and today is Argentina’s manager, Kurt Cobain, died in 1994. This was the end of a great career on the world of music. 

The problem of fame is that, when people climb very high, and when are touching on the top on the sky, they forget their origins, and what cost them to reach were they get. To be famous is needed more than just talent. People need to be intelligent in their whole life, especially when they are on top of their careers, because there are everywhere people trying to take advantage from the success of others. This is how many careers are destroyed, they are excellent in what they do, but they can’t hold the success that it brings.

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