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How to be a Good College Student

So you weren’t that great at high school and think work will suck more? Use this to help get better.

College is not your everyday run of the mill kind of place. Depending on where to go to school and your chosen program to study can make a huge difference in how it all works out for you. Now there are advisers and the like to help you with course selection and the like. And there are always professors willing to help a student who’s willing to listen. However in either case it will take a good deal of work on your part.

College is made to, in the first semester, weed out the week and the ones not willing to learn. So making it past that point is HUGE, also once you get used to the work it will take you then all that requires from you is to repeat the process. But be careful it’s meant to make you go away, not to prove if you can do it all. Nothing is ever more important as hard work and persistence.

To help with this it is good to know that studying is where material is learned, this isn’t Kansas anymore boys and girls. Professors will expect you to learn on your own, to come back with the things that you can’t. And they just point you in the right direction, and let you go for it. This is also good for you, here’s an example, say you do two hours of studying for every class that you have. You go to the professor everyday with things that are beyond you. And you get to know him more and more. Then come summer time, when some of your peers are not doing really anything, you get a jump start to a job, real work experience, and the chance to pick up on things that are way above your level.

Next homework, while not always checked by professors, does not make it any less important. There are also times where the material is only needed for homework that is not checked, but it will still be on the test. Remember, the point of a college program is to train you to start becoming an expert in that field. So the more you know the less you have to review later. This point extends back to working with the professors over the summer. 

So though I’ve brought it up before questions can be your best friends. Remember that you don’t always need to have the questions from the material. If you look up the answer online, and then follow the line down and come up with something that you really can’t understand, then still go to the professor with it. And if he can’t help, then you are well on your way to what you should be doing as a student. in

I hope that some of these things will help you, I know that they’ve helped me. Good luck on your future endevors in learning.

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