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How to Deal with Two Faced People

Two faced people are a plague and should be dealt with as soon as possible!

Nobody likes two faced people, they are deceitful and unpleasant to be around. And due to their duplicitous nature they very often go unnoticed. But once you have noticed them, they can be very hard to ignore, particularly as they can make you very angry.

Dealing with two faced people needs calm and intelligence.


Never lose your temper with a two faced person, all they will do is tell everyone what you did (and blow it out of all proportion) You need to be calm and clever when dealing with them or they will get the better of you and you don’t want that.


They are working people, they are manipulating them for their own ends, never forget that. And sadly, if you want to deal with them or put them in their place then you may have to stoop to their level. Give them a taste of their own medicine, they won’t like it.


If you want to avoid sinking to their level (it’s not for everyone) then you will need to take the more direct approach. Tell them that you know they are being two faced, you know they are lying to people and it’s not on. They won’t like finding out that they have been rumbled!

Tell people.

If they are being nice to someone’s face and nasty behind their back, this person has a right to know. Just be as delicate as you can when telling them about it. Don’t take any glory in it because they will probably be very upset.

Two faced people are poisonous and their behaviour is appalling, but using these tips should help you to deal with them swiftly

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