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How to Get Donations for One of Your Projects!

This article will go through a couple websites where you can raise money for any idea you might have.

Recently, I have found two websites that I am very excited about. The first website I found is and the next is

Indiegogo is a website started by a few friends that wanted to increase the means of fund raising. They are changing the face of fund raising by offering a world wide platform to display any idea you want to bring to life. They began in 2008 in the film industry and raise millions of dollars. In 2009, they expanded and allowed for any type of industry to post. 

Indiegogo can used by anybody willing to do the work. You can be a film industry major, or you can be someone trying to break away from their hourly paid job. 

On indiegogo or kickstarter you can submit an idea, like a pitch for a move, or a band, or a community project and ask for people support you and donate money.

On indiegogo you set a goal you would like to reach and you can choose to take whatever money you collect for the project or return the money if you goal isnt reached.

On kickstarter you set a goal but if you don’t reach that goal all of the donations will be returned. So, you have to set a goal you actually believe you can reach.

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