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I Would Like to Thank Michael Douglas for Raising Awareness

When Michael Douglas Suggests that Oral Sex Could Be the Reason He Has Cancer, that is Actually a Good Thing.

I don’t understand why the media wants to throw Michael Douglas under the bus because he suggested that sexual activity could be the reason for his throat cancer. Well then again, perhaps I do; the media has survived on a steady diet of sex, drugs, fear, propaganda, and nihilism for years. If people actually wake up and stop having oral sex thinking they aren’t cheating on their partner, thinking that they’re still virgins and thinking that it is safe it could be the end of the jaded media as we know it. But the simple truth remains that HPV could kill you if it is the reason you’ve developed cancer. Its that simple. Kids need to know that sexually transmitted diseases can spread through oral sex. The media doesn’t want you to know this though. HPV isn’t thought of as a sexually transmitted disease because a lot of us carry it, but if you can touch someone’s genitals and spread it by touching yourself or someone else it is a sexually transmitted disease.

The vaccine is not analogous to a birth control pill; it doesn’t encourage sex. It could save your life. No one deserves to die because they stimulated someone digitally or used their mouth on someone.

Cancer can kill you. We need to stop treating people with HPV like they have Herpes and a bunch of other stuff they deserved to get. Women have a hard time conceiving, relationships are difficult to form. I don’t have either myself but I know a few people that have these diseases; I wouldn’t wish them on anybody.

All of these kids getting their freak on, infecting everyone, that think they’re innocent because they aren’t having sexual intercourse should know what they’re in for. If they don’t care about their sexual health that is their prerogative, but ignorance is no longer an excuse… 

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