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Is Macaulay Culkin Dead?

Everyone on the internet is suddenly abuzz with the rumor about the former child star. Here’s the answer.

With the sudden shocking death of Whitney Houston Saturday, people must be in a morbid frame of mind, because search engines are buzzing with the inquiry “Is Macaulay Culkin dead?” Recent pictures of the actor have shown him looking thinner – some have said gaunt – than usual, with scraggly blonde hair, and the beginnings of a beard. (Some of these pictures appeared on Entertainment Tonight, prompting an immediate statement by Culkin’s rep, reprinted in its entirety at the end of this article.)

But Culkin is playing a veteran in an upcoming movie – isn’t he just getting into character? Why are people so insistent about these whisper campaigns every time a star appears looking less than immaculate? And wait – is he really DEAD?

Rest easy, Home Alone and Party Monster fans – as far as we know, Macaulay is just fine. The worst that has happened to him is that he’s the victim of another Twitter RIP drive-by. If anything changes, you’ll be the first to know as a citizen of the internet. In the meantime, Rest in Peace, Whitney Houston. We’ll miss your enormous talent. You left us too soon.

Culkin’s rep tells Us Weekly, “Macaulay Culkin is in perfectly good health. For Entertainment Tonight or any other media to speculate otherwise is thoughtless, irresponsible and destructive.”

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