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Jaclyn Swedberg – Playboy Playmate Miss April 2011

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Well, although still in March when i wrote this article but April storm already in place with Playmate Jaclyn Swedberg had been selected to become Miss April 2010 Playboy centerfold model. Jaclyn born August 14, 1990 and grew up in Chino Hills California and currently studying University major in communication.

She involved Playboy TV shows including episodes of Playboy TV’s “Badass” , hosted “Playboy Beach House” in Malibu and soon released show named “Playboy Trip: Patagonia” which shot in Argentina. Jaclyn has fun and enjoying great experience during the show that she would never trade.

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Below are some hobbies which Jaclyn Swedberg spent her free times:

She love reading book especially books from mystery/thriller category. She love baking as well include cupcakes and banana bread. Besides, Jaclyn got another hobby which is travel, where she already been to over 20 countries and her favorite travel place is Greece. She is a active outgoing person, keen in yoga where she goto yoga class 5 days out of the week. Her favorite board game is scrabble. She has a huge sweet-tooth and really love sweet stuff such as candy, laffy taffy , jolly rancher fruit chews and sugary candy.

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