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Joran Vandersloot Had Plans of Disposing The Body of Stephany Floras

This article talks about what he was going to do with Stephany Floras body.

Joran Vandersloot admits to killing Staphany Floras after being in questioning for hours with police officials. Joran Vandersloot said in confession that  he was angered when Stephany Floras was looking through his personal laptop. She was apparently looking up information on him and he thought it was a invasion of his privacy.  He told her to stop and when she refused he  then got violent with her and hit her in the face and then started to beat on her. He ended up stabbing her several times and snapping her  neck. Vandersloot  freaked out after he  realized what he had done and wrapped her in a blanket and he had a plans to put her in a suit case and throw her in the ocean. He knew he did not have time to find a big enough suite case so he left the scene of crime and fled the scene of the crime to Chile. Her body was found three days later and a arrest warrant was issued for  Joran Vandersloot. He at first denied the killing and said he just met her and that’s all he remembered. Then later he admitted to the murder of Stephany Floras. He may be facing 35 years in prison. The Prison he might go to are very poor and have bad living conditions. He will not be in  any good living conditions. The prisoners only can take showers for fifteen minutes and only get a chance once  every three months. His lawer is pushing for him to be with inmates that are less dangerous. If his confession sticks the judge might reduce his sentence. Over in Peru If a crime is committed and you confess the judge usually respects that and will be more AP to reduce a jail or prison sentence.

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