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Justin Bieber – Google King – Most Searched People on Google 2010

Find out who is the top 10 listed most searches and googled people in 2010.

Is nearly end of year 2010, let us goto Google Zeitgeist and find out who is the most searches people in the Unite State 2010.  In the top 10 list, most of them are celebrities and singers which gain global popularity and melt the heart of millions fans around the world. Checkout below for top 10 most googled person in Google 2010.

Top # 10 – Linsay Lohan

Top # 9 – Kim Kardashian

TV celebrity Kim Kardashian in the # 9 in the google most searches list where the highest searches spike on October 2010 with around 60 millions searches when Kim Kardashian poses naked in W Magazine without regret. You can view Kim Kardashian workout plan on how she maintain her stunning figure for the magazine shoot.

Top # 8 – Kid Cudi

Top # 7 – Katy Perry

Top # 6 – Heidi Montag

Top # 5 – Christine Hendrick

Top # 4 –  Nicki Minaj

Top # 3 – Wif Khalifa

Rapper Wif Kahlifa in #3 in the most searches people in google beat up Nicki Minaj and Christina Hendrick. Wif began rise of searches in the end of July but spiked in early November when he was arrested in North Carolina for marijuana possession.

Top # 2 – Kesha

Down to number 2 is Pop queen Kesha with averagely 30 million searches in 2010. 

Top # 1 – Justin Bieber

No doubt, teen sensation Justin Bieber is the king of google where the amount of searches hit over 100 millions in 2010. Justin Bieber is the youngest solo artist to score a No. 1 album since 13-year-old Stevie Wonder did it in 1963. 

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