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Justin Bieber vs.. Metal and Rock Music

Honestly there’s been a lot of problems with the youtube series started by a young boy and his friend disliking "Justin Bieber Hatters" This is my view on the whole thing.

this is off topic of video games but i felt that it was necesary to post something on this big ordeal that has to do with Justin Bieber and his fan boys. To be honest haters gonna hate, and some person on youtube who is probably trollin’ shouldn’t be aloud to get everyones underwear in a bunch.

The first video here:

and his friend here:

after you view those two video’s I’d like to here your opinion in a short message below, but nonetheless here is my opinion. I think that everyone is entitled to there own opinion and has the right to do so, but this is the reason people don’t like justin bieber and myself are one of the people that don’t enjoy that type of music. The reason being that I like metal and do not have bieber feaver is because i think that pop music and hip-hop in general is rotting the minds of the youth and i see between my generation and the generations below me that it gets stupider as the pop culture progresses. I like metal because I like rock and metal is honestly just hard rock, this argument can be the same with screamo vs. non-screamo music, and honestly i don’t care what you listen to as long as you respect a person’s belief’s, eithic’s, and personal satisfaction from the music they listen to.

Finally is assaulting these individuals because they made idle threats and its never nice to make threats toward any group of people. So i say through your “V” for Vendetta mask’s on and go to it /B/rothers, honestly if someone is going to make threats about breaking the Data Protecting Act, then they deserve to be taught a lesson. So in conclusion i like my music they like there’s but when you threaten people something has to be done, honestly bullying on both sides doesn’t resolve anything and all i have to say to both of them is “YOU BE TROLL’N”

Liked it
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