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Kate Middleton Lost Pregnancy

Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William suffered a pregnancy loss.This is a hard situation for the young Royal couple.Find here more.

Princess Catherine lost pregnancy

Duchess Catherine, or Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William of Great Britain recently lost a pregnancy according to the American tabloid “Globe”.

According to sources Prince William wasn’t with Kate Middleton when she lost her pregnancy. According to some rumors that appeared in May, Camilla Parker-Bowles, the wife of Prince Charles told to some of her friends that the young bride can’t have children.

“Some medical complications from Kate’s early years are a warning regarding her possibility of having children” .You can find more about this here:Kate Middleton can’t have children

William, aged 29 and his father, Prince Charles, were born shortly after their parents got married and the current Royal couple Kate-William is under a huge pressure to provide an heir.

“If Kate will not get pregnant in the next 9 months she will defy a British tradition of 200 years” declared Andrew Morton, a biographer of the British Royal family.

Kate Middleton has 29 years old, a woman with no noble titles, married Prince William in April after a relation that lasted 9 years. She is currently known as Catherine, The Cambridge Duchess.

Kate Middleton also has a sister, Pippa Middleton that became known worldwide after she was the bridesmaid of her sister at the Royal Wedding.Her sister appears often in the media with tabloid subjects like Pippa Middleton lost the competition for “The posterior of the year”  , Pippa Middleton asked to play in a Porn scene for 5 million dollars , Pippa Middleton caught with her breasts naked PHOTOS , Pippa Middleton’s ass – newPHOTOS.

Pippa Middleton at a party

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