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Kate Middleton Topless Photos

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are furious and are said to be looking for legal action against the French magazine Closer after it published pictures of Kate topless on holiday.

The above images is of the front page of the French Closer Magazine

The scandalous photographs of the beautiful Kate Middleton were taken last week while the Royal couple were staying in Provence at a château owned by Lord Linley, the Queen’s nephew,

The fuzzy images in the publication are spread over four pages of the gossip magazine,the images are not of good quality as they were taken with a long lens and are hugely zoomed in, they are of the Royal couple relaxing whilst sunbathing on the terrace at a secluded guest house at the Château d’Autet. Closer featured several photos of the couple, with a number of the duchess topless, including some of her rubbing sun cream on Prince William, there is nothing sinister with any of the images and seeing an attractive young woman topless would be common place on a beach, however this is an intrusion of the privacy of Royalty and highly embarrassing for someone who could possibly be the Queen of England one day,

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