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Kate Middletont Topless

Kate Middletont topless.

I’m sure that most of you have heard about the Kate Middleton photo scandal.  What I don’t understand is what people think she did wrong.  She was on private property, I mean who’s going to believe that a photographer can take your photograph from a mile and a half away.  That kind of photo ability sounds like James Bond, CIA type stuff.  Sometimes I think that certain camera abilities should not be available to the general public, maybe for these kind of capabilities a person should have some type of government clearance.  When you are on private property no photographer or paparazzi should not be able to take any photos of anyone.  Lots of people like to be naked in the privacy of their own homes.  Just because Kate is a public figure, doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve some private time.  The paparazzi needs to learn respectful boundaries, Princess Diana died trying to escape the paparazzi.  The paparazzi have learned nothing after a senseless tragedy. 

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