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Lady Diana Take Pictures with Kate Middleton

Newsweek people realease photograph of "two princess"

To commemorate the anniversary of Princess Diana 50th which falls on next Friday, July 1, 2011, Newsweek magazine put pictures of the princess on the cover.

Diana’s face instead of the usual photos, Newsweek commemorate Prince William’s mother’s death in a way that was unusual. Like a rose from the grave, which is in the cover is a picture of 50-year-old Diana. Of course it’s not the original photo but using computer engineering.

Using a white dress and hat, do not miss his wide smile, ‘Diana’ juxtaposed with her daughter, Kate Middleton. and Two bodyguards in the background.

What is the purpose of Newsweek put pictures of this engineering? Executive editor of the magazine and author of a biography of Diana, Tina Brown has its own reasons: “This is a picture of his life at this time if the tragedy of August 31, 1997 did not happen.” Diana’s life had never reached the age of half a century. At the age of 36 years, he was killed in a tragic accident in a tunnel in Paris, France. A case that is still a mystery to this day.

“In the near future he will be aged 50 years,” wrote Brown. “Will what she looks like? If he is still looking good: it is a boon.”
The Newsweek story also, Brown predicts if still alive, Diana alive and living in New York, maintaining beautiful appearance with botox, and write his life story on Twitter – which is likely to follow-10 million people in the world.

Brown also predicted, Diana will get married twice after the divorce with Prince Charles. Not with who were killed with her lover, Dodi al Fayed. One of them, someone who can provide everything he wanted: a special plane, private islands, and the body guards. 

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