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Lisa Williams Talks to The Dead! is It Real?! is She a Fraud?! Like,omg

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding mediums that have made it world-wide. It’s my turn to talk about Lisa Williams. Is she a "fraud like everyone else" or is she "the real deal"? Read on to find out why I don’t care.

So people say that Lisa Williams is basically a fake and people shouldn’t put their hopes into her.




Oh My God, give it a rest.

You shouldn’t even give a f*ck if she’s fake.

How the hell does that change YOUR life? Is it because she also makes money out of it?

It’s not like she’s some crappy singer going to Ark Music Factory to get some stupid song out about a crystal bowl. Or a cereal bowl.

And she’s not Harry Potter. 

So why would anyone spend their otherwise precious time dissing her?

Is it because she gives false hope to innocent victims? What the hell kind of a crap is that?

First of all, in what way exactly do her readings qualify as ‘false hope’? Cause what I see is that she gives CLOSURE to people, you know, that feeling you have that allows you to MOVE the hell ON with your life. She makes people happy, and who the hell are YOU to say that it’s wrong for people to be happy? Her activity altogether is not about lottery numbers, she actually helps people. And think about it. If you had a loved one pass, and if you had questions about it, if you were very upset over it, if you believed deep within your heart that maybe, just maybe, they live on somewhere and are wondering if they’re okay, then what the hell would you rather hear? Say she WAS fake, she still helps. Because it’s always comforting when you hear someone say “I’m sure he/she is proud of you and wants you to be happy”. Nobody wants to hear “Get over yourself, he/she’s just a big pile of bones now and that’s about it.” Be realistic.

So think about it. Even if she’s fake, she gives people answers, closure, a different, better view on life. How often can YOU brag you do that? So medium or fraud, she brings people happiness, and there’s nothing you can say that’ll make that a wrong thing.

And innocent victims are those who have bad things happen to them (’victim’) through no fault of their own (’innocent’). So please don’t be so dumb as to compare Lisa Williams’ clients to victims of real issues like bullying, rape, murder or violence of any kind.

Liked it
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