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Monte Carlo, Go Mingle with The Rich Jet Set

Monte Carlo attracts the rich jet set like a magnet, film stars, pop stars, sporting celebrities, royalty, television personalities and many more of the rich and famous. As a tourist visiting Monte Carlo you will have countless opportunities to mix and mingle with many of the rich jet set as easy as can be. You will find that you are rubbing shoulders with these celebrities wherever you go.

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Spending time on vacation in Monte Carlo will very soon make you feel part of the wonderful unique surroundings that make up this beautiful historic principality.


Monte Carlo has many museums and monuments, the shopping is just superb, the restaurants serve cuisine from all over the world and there are many fine hotels.


But which ever hotel you may choose to stay in, it will be guaranteed that there will be very rich people and famous celebrities also residing and relaxing in the same hotel.


When you go out to eat, every restaurant will treat you like a film star, because most of their other guests are just that. As well you will see many familiar faces that you will recognize as sporting and television personalities.


And it doesn’t stop there, if you go to the cinema or theatre; take a walk in the parks and in just about any other public place you will see, meet and even talk to some of those very rich and famous people.


Taking a holiday in Monte Carlo is great fun and every moment is very exciting, in fact it almost feels like you are watching a long continuous documentary about the who’s who in royalty, politics, business, sport, film, television and music.


And the reason so many celebrities will always be found in Monte Carlo is because most of them live there or they are there because they just spend long vacations relaxing and thinking about what they will spend their money on next.


For one week in every year Monte Carlo is completely closed for cars, this is because the streets of Monte Carlo are used as a race track for the Formula One Grand Prix. And this is really quite a spectacular event, which draws even more rich jetsetters to Monte Carlo.


You will have a close up view of these technological F1 cars and be able to meet and share a conversation with many of the Formula 1 car drivers who are visiting for the race, although again some of them have luxury homes in Monte Carlo.


And when you return home from your vacation you can enthusiastically amaze all your friends with the pictures of you with so many different famous people, just watch their faces go green with envy.

Monte Carlo is a most unique place, which is full of beauty, spectacle, wonderment and sheer pleasure and enjoyment. It will firmly stay in your memories well after you have got back into your less exotic life.

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