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My Top 10 Famous, Sexy and Quirky Women

We’ve been bombarded with most beautiful lists and the all-out sexiest categories since the days of calender girls and in almost every magazine. While, physically they may hold a certain assembly-line appeal, there are those actresses that can light up a screen with more than just the perfect breast-size or somewhat perfectly shaped lips. These are my top 10.

There are those women that will outlast their Barbie-inspired clones and stand the test of time as the most famous, sexy and quirky women for all eternity. These will be the women that will inspire, excite and illuminate.

In order to be thought of as sexy, quirky and famous, there is a strict criteria these women would have. Sexy is in the eye of the beholder. This much we know is true, how else would we be able to explain the supermodel that lovingly adorns the haggard and decrepit rock star? But when sexiness comes from somewhere deep within, then that’s where it echoes universal. Quirkiness, on the other hand, is a whole other dimension. In order to fall into this category, these famous women must stand out distinctively above all the rest. They must have an unforgettable aura mixed with a rare intelligence. Thus, they are then able to breed a new kind of inexplicable desire. Ultimately, when all is said and done, these ten women break the conventional mold of beauty and revolutionize a new originality.

  1. Sarah Jessica Parker

    A style icon that has had her fair share of media scrutiny. Whatever you make of her incomparable beauty and divinely forward fashion sense, you have to admit, Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the few actresses that is as well known for her quirky sexiness as she is for her unique likability.

  2. Christina Ricci

    The female counterpart to a Johnny Depp, in more ways then anyone would dare imagine. Christina Ricci opens up a whole new dimension of beauty. Wide eyed, rebellious, and extremely talented. I dare you to try to keep your eyes off Ms. Ricci. Let alone blink. Her performances are always richly intense and insanely sexy.

  3. Christina Applegate

    Christina Applegate has got sexy and quirky down to an art form. From her early apprenticeship in the long-running “Married with Children” as part of the Bundy clan to her most recent success in “Samantha Who?”, she is a force to be reckoned with. Gifted with an innate comedic acting ability coupled with as much supernatural sexy-ease.

  4. Rose McGowan

    Who could forget Rose Mcgowan’s see-through dress she wore alongside her then love Marilyn Manson during a boring award show? Quirky? Yes, by miles. Sexy? Are you kidding? Rose Mcgowan combines innocent seductive charm with blasting charisma. An easy choice for this top ten list.

  5. Sandra Bullock

    Sandra Bullock has a natural girl next door appeal but with a twist. Quirky to the max. Undeniably, her down-home sexy attraction is unlimited and boundless. Perhaps, not known as your average bombshell on screen, she manages to touch hearts effortlessly.

  6. Jenny McCarthy

    Silly, crazy and sometimes a bit loud, Jenny McCarthy is hands down easily lovable. Much more intelligent then many give her credit for, she holds her own and is an obvious scene-stealer that leaves men weak at the knees. Just ask Jim Carey, her long-time love and most likely biggest fan. Quirky to Jenny McCarthy is akin to breathing air, and that’s exactly how it should be.

  7. Parker Posey

    Quirky and Sexy should be placed conspicuously on Ms. Posey’s business cards. She is one of the few actresses that is as unique as she is irresistible. Possibly, not as well known as others on this list, Parker Posey has been a favorite of mine for years. Smart, engaging and always so much fun to watch. She breathes sexy and quirky.

  8. Marisa Tomei

    Marisa Tomei was born sexy and quirky and probably not in that order. From soap opera days to her oscar-winning performance in “My Cousin Vinny”, Marisa Tomei is incredibly sexy without even trying. There aren’t too many actresses that can truly say that? There’s always been something extra-special about Marisa that few have been able to put a proper label on. “Famous, Sexy and Quirky” seems to sound just about right.

  9. Helen Hunt

    Helen Hunt has always held a spot in the sexy category even when wearing over sized clothing and an unkempt ponytail. Fresh faced and real. Quirky in the fact that she takes on each role with the utmost integrity and honesty. She lives her characters. Helen Hunt is the best kind of sexy and quirky. The kind that doesn’t realize just how sexy and quirky she really is.

  10. Helena Bonham Carter

    I sometimes have wondered if Helena Bonham Carter was from this world. An etheral beauty with enormous talent to spare. Quirky to the core, Helena possesses unlimited charm and a sexiness that is hard to refute. Heads above the rest and miles of unique passion is found in ever role she lays claim to. Her accent alone is enough to hold her place on this list of the most famous, sexy and quirky actresses of all time.

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  1. Quirky and Proud

    On April 17, 2009 at 2:06 pm

    A person told me today to drop the quirky, avoid them. I said quirky is not unhealthy. My friend said it was. Avoid unhealthy quirky men, she said. You want to be healthy.

    Isn’t it sad people think being cookie cutters is the gold standard? Men or women? Sad, really sad.

    I am quirky, beautiful and sexy in every way and that does not make me unhealthy!

    Thank you for your top ten commentary.

    Female with Attitude

  2. Julie McMurchie

    On April 19, 2009 at 3:53 pm

    I enjoyed this article. It is well written and a fun read. I think I’ll be working on my quirky.

  3. John

    On October 23, 2009 at 12:48 pm

    Please come out of the box and try to think out of the box some times. What is your criteria for this lousy selection, I don\’t get it?

    There are other women in the world who are way to beautiful than this group fo junk you specified in your article.

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