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My Top Ten Young Male Actors in Philippines Cinema

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Erstwhile child actor Carlo Aquino is poised for a big comeback in showbiz any time soon. This time, his image goes rough and manly and sexy. The 24-year-old actor and singer is one of the more sensitive actors of his generation and it’s just too bad that he’s not getting the better breaks in showbiz. Formerly of ABS-CBN, Carlo has now transferred to rival GMA-7 , doing bit roles and guest spots in its soaps and shows.

This is the image of 22-year-old actor and Bench Body endorser Jake Cuenca on a giant billboard somewhere in Quezon City, along EDSA. It’s not scandalous as the last board he had for Bench Body briefs a few months back. Just the same, Jake establishes himself as the current favorite of the top clothing brand. On tv, he’s also a prime time lead actor, validating his status as one of the more important actors in his home studio.

Model, VJ and actor Victor Basa still looks hot after all these years. Well, actually, after only about four years in showbiz. Time was when he was a thin and brooding boy who signed on to ABS-CBN’s talent arm for its shows and soaps. Now, the 24-year-old cutie is one of the easily recognizable names in hunkydom come, thanks to his exposure in the network and in local clothing brand Penshoppe’s campaigns. This year, Victor says he wants to concentrate more on acting.

Twenty-year-old Matteo Guidicelli is enjoying renewed fame on prime time television as the male lead in ABS-CBN’s top rater Agua Bendita. After graduation from Columbia College Chicago with a B.A. on Performing Arts in the musical theater field, he’s now home to put to good use his education abroad. In the prime time soap, he shows a bit of skin, shedding his prim-and-proper image.

The newest celebrity underwear model in town is Jason Abalos, who took over the Cotton Club reins from young hunk Aljur Abrenica last year. Cotton Club is one of the newer players in the industry that does briefs, boxers, shorts and tops. In its press release, Cotton Club said that the 23-year-old award-winning actor “is the right fit” for their products and that he “fits Cotton Club to a T.” Okay then Cotton Club people, put out more photos, ads and billboards of Jason in size-under briefs [and that T-back you just mentioned]. We’ll be the judge of that!

I would like to believe that Coco Martin made it in ABS-CBN because of sheer talent. Well, the fact that he is cute also put in the plus factor. From his small and humble beginnings as an indie movie actor, usually with gay themes, Coco has jumped into the small screen as one of the leading men. It is not actually a sellout to commercial and cutesy fare as Coco still portrays his roles with the same versatile and natural ability, full of nuance, as he did in his indie flicks of yore. Now, he’s gotten popular mainstream, to countless viewers of the station’s shows, thanks to his exposure on the prime time hit Tayong Dalawa.

Popular young actor Gerald Anderson continues to soar. After the prime time success of his soap Tayong Dalawa, he is busy with his Tiagong Akyat series and another Your Song show in ABS-CBN, his home studio. Too, he is slated to do heavy drama [read: acting vehicle worthy of an award] through the long-running show Maalaala Mo Kaya. Gerald will play a young man with GTS or Tourette Syndrome. It’s a difficult role, actually, and Gerald is hoping that he can deliver on this one.

Cosmo centerfold guy Ejay Falcon is getting a lot of good breaks lately. After his Cosmo magazine stint, the Filipino-French kid who won the teen edition of the Philippine version of Big Brother is trying to prove to everyone else that he can really whoop it up in the acting department via Katorse, an early evening drama series on ABS-CBN. Ejay Falcon is also out to beat off rumors that sheer talent got him the prime projects in his home studio and not that he’s the current flavor-of-the-year of a tv exec.

Have you seen his latest movie, In My Life with his real-life mother? Although the reviews were mixed, Luis Manzano’s acting was praised. He was reportedly a revelation in a gay role. Too, he gets to shine in shirtless sweaty glory in a scene where he plays frisbee with Rafael Rosell at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center [disguised as a NYC park]. I’m thinking of watching it this weekend.

Actor Jericho Rosales is trying to get back his leading-man status card. He is set to return on ABS-CBN’s prime time block through the soap Dahil May Isang Ikaw, which is a heavy drama series. He is headlining this one, together with big stars to back him up in the genre that catapulted him to relative fame a few years back. Too, it seems that all is well and good on Jericho’s side again as he gets to endorse big commercial products [e.g. Skyflakes Crackers, Extra Joss Energy Drink, Walker Underwear], sing [his self-titled album just got released] and act [tv series plus some guest appearances in his home studio's shows].

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