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Namitha: Tamil Actress

Some cool and interesting facts about a famous Tamil actress.

Namitha Tamil actress was born in the Surat state of India and belongs to a Punjabi speaking family, on May 11, 1980. She don’t have any sibling in her family, her father was a rich trader and have a famous import and export company branches in various states of India and head office in Tamil. She has a degree in Bachelor of Arts. She used to coach swimming classes to young kids in Bombay. Here are some interested facts about her you may be interested to know.


  1. She gets fame in 1998 when she selected for Miss Surat.
  2. She performed herbal shampoo and hand soap commercials before coming to Tamil movies.
  3. She played her first role in a Malayalam movie.
  4. She is also famous as an item girl in local movies, and mostly appears in Tamil entertainment magazine front covers.
  5. She is one of the top dancers in Indian Bollywood and Tamil film industry.
  6. She is also experts in Karate and having a green belt.

A newspaper reports that she is very busy nowadays to finish her incoming movies. She has signed a lot of films, no matter whatever the role is. She will perform a leading role in Hollywood movie Maya which will release in the end of 2009.

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