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Patricia Paay Naked in Playboy

A 60 year old sexy woman posing for playboy.


To put 60 years on Playboy It takes courage and chutzpah. Qualities that are not lacking in Dutch singer Patricia Paay Is astounding, all appear on the cover of People magazine. The Blondie singer of the Netherlands took off for the third time.

This is a photo shoot for the Dutch edition of Playboy. After the first time in 1984 (age 35) and a second several years later, putting the target again gives the buff, naked as a mother – a bit of years ago – has made it.


It declares: “I will show everything and not hide anything, but the result will be really classy and very sensual.” A short so it will be in the magazine to see pictures of a sexy diva in later years, but still beautiful, as we see in the gallery.


Besides Paay come back up even Playboy Tara Reid, famous for “American Pie” and for problems with alcohol. She too will be back in the magazine in the January 2010 Playboy wet one.

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