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Pawankalyan and Rajamouli Combination May be on Sets

Yes it’s real exciting news that pawan and rajamouli are going to work together.This is hot news over tollywood industry.

Power star Pawan kalyan known for acting,versatility and humanism.Once the famous south Indian actress Suhasini gave statement after watching bangaram that “Pawan is an Telugu trendsetter” this is huge compliment and also one of the compliment among so many their no words when you see this big hero on screen except whistles and claps.

Rajamouli an Telugu maniratnam no flops and big hits gave so many hero’s a life time cinema hit.Now after magadheera he is waiting for a big hit.But how a big hit can come with out a mega family hero it is not that easy but one intresting fact he is not concentrating or not even trying to do a big budget either he do not want to want to do his next film with bunny or ramcharan so whom he has in his mind is none other than Power star Pawan kalyan.

In an interview he already said that he has no problem working with Pawan kalyan last year.May be Pawan kalyan asked to come Rajamouli to listen his idea and to boost this talk are to make fans happy Rajamouli has made a surprise visit to the sets of Shadow’s the next upcoming movie of Pawan kalyan.

Rajamouli has almost completed the movie of “Eega” and waiting to work with Pawan kalyan or Prabhas now this visit make sure that he is ready to work with Pawan kalyan.Let us see what’s going to happen but this cinema will be on sets for sure.

Now let us imagine what type of movie it would be if these work together.Post your comments may be they can get an better idea.

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