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Read The Article and Decide : Jesse James Mistress or Jessie James The Cheater?

All to often a married male celebrity has an affair and instead of the attention being on the stars actions, the attention is on the woman he had the affair with. The public and media are all interested and mad at the mistress. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are perfect examples. Most everyone was taking about Angelina, instead of proclaiming Brad Pitt to be the cad that he is.

Yet, again after the news broke that Sandra Bullocks husband, Jesse James had an affair, the spotlight is not on “what he did,” but rather “who he did.” One of the most Googled topics of the week is “Jesse James Mistress.” Maybe I am alone, but that is annoying. 

U.S. Magazine is reporting that Michelle “Bombshell” McGee was paid $30,000 for her story. And, I am sure that is just the start of the cash this woman will be handed for telling us about her stripper life, Amish childhood, and current fetish lifestyle. These women that have affairs with celebrities use it as their ticket for five minutes of fame and become rich and “we” are the fuel to that fire.

Of course, we have to hear her side of the story if we care about the issue, but do “we” really need to pay her (ie reward her) for telling us that she slept with someone’s husband?  What does her growing up Amish have to do with the 11 month affair with Jesse James? Do we really need to see hundreds of different modeling photos of her, that only promote her aspiring career?

I find it ironic that Michelle McGee claims to not be a fame seeker and purports that Jesse James told her that he and Sandra Bullock were not together, yet she waited until Sandra Bullock was in the spotlight with an Oscar and the hit movie “The Blind Side” out to come out with her affair. That is suspect for fame seeking to me. But, whether she is intentionaly seeking fame or not, the point is the same we are only making things harder for the real victim here, Sandra Bullock, by giving this woman fame and fortune for sleeping with her husband.  We are also not holding Jesse James as accountable as he should be because we are too obsessed with Michelle McGee.

So, I say to Sandra Bullock to stay strong…..this to shall pass. Jesse James will be a thrice divorced cad and Michelle Mcgee’s five minutes of fame will pass, but you will still be an Oscar winning actress that is loved by worldwide fans.

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