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Review on Shadows of The Damned

If there are any questions or comments about how I could make these reviews any better please let me know so I can better myself..

The music in this game isn’t half bad, especially the loading music. I could listen to that on a soundtrack and be pleased. The music as your fighting something through the darkness makes you feel frantic, as you should because shit goes DOWN. And there’s this anglerfish thing that makes awesome music while your walking next to it. That is boss.

The gameplay for this game is exceptionally good, I don’t find myself fumbling over the buttons just because this thing needs light shot into it, or this thing needs to die by SMG and such so I applaud them for it. There’s a lot of upgrades to choose from so I’m pleased by this also. There is a bit to do while your going through each puzzle to find a means…and your girlfriend. Also, the shop here is….interesting to say the least.

Finally, the graphics. I personally HATE and I mean HATE the Unreal engine and to see Suda use it in this game made me sad. The Unreal engine either makes the shadows blue, things are too shiny, or when things die their backs break by bending backwards or  they drop to the floor unrealistically. It doesn’t matter to me, I normally refuse getting games with the Unreal engine, but just like Justin Bieber, there are somethings that you hate but kinda have to get over it because it exists. Other than that, this games graphics are ok. Looking at Garcia’s sexy face and thanking that its not shiny is good enough for me, though in the shadows on the PS3, not sure for the Xbox 360, they are definitely a shade of blue. And no matter how I fix my settings its blue. If I change the colors for this game, the other games, like Skyrim or Deus Ex will be too dark. Shame, shame.

All that well and said, I give this game a 7/10. You will either like it, or you won’t, but its worth a try.

Liked it
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