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Shakira Hips Don’t Lie in No Clothes Show

Shakira gets a vast popularity through her album MHips Don’t lie now he appear in a modeling fashion show without any clothes like dressing which transparent her entire body figure.

Today was deprived of cover previously unseen images of the super beautiful Egyptian singer Shakira. It is a Shakira no clothes special shots taken by photographer Len Stickler in this year 2010. The pictures were taken when Monroe attended home Carl Sandburg the poet who ma won Pulitzer Prize.

Shakira describes the event on various news stations today so she was home at Sand Burg, who has said that hope would be the guests. A few hours later was knocked to the door. Some people also feel and analysis some secret subliminal messages in her latest song.

I go to the door, I open the door and I stand face of Marilyn Monroe! It was nothing similar, says Stickler of his acquaintances from her. Stickler was of course a camera and clicked on a few good of Monroe and Sand Burg, who can view below. He has stored them in 49 years but intends to sell the Shakira most wanted and popular album cover which was Shakira hips don’t lie. Shakira is also working on her new project album which ma released at the end of 2010. So let’s wait for hot Shakira another sexiest but cool music album.

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