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pensioners, in south Africa at the age of 60 you qualify for old age which is your pension money. 

on the 1st of every month a pensioner receives €€r1240.00. certain companies do provide a special pensions rate for certain things like your TV license pensioners get a pensioners rate. 

with the electricity an water there is no pensioners rate, if you look at all the chargers on the bill by the time you done the r1240 isn’t enough or it just makes it for your lights an water.

on your electricity bill these are the other stuff included in the bill:

water an sewage disposable

domestic refuse charge

monthly rates

interested charges

vat raised on all items with *

how is a pensioner suppose to make it if some or most of the money go’s on electricity an water bill. pensioners should be given a card system because its cheaper. on all extra cost should be reduced or cancelled.

lets help the elderly as well.

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