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South Indian Hot Actress Namitha

South Indian film industry is the biggest film industry in Tamil language. All south actresses are also trend makers in the fashion industry.

India is the biggest country in south Asia and there more than 100 languages are speaking out there. Basically India is divided into four major parts; these are Bengal, Punjab, South India and North India including their Capital too.

South Indian people are mostly speaking Tamil and Malayalam languages. This region is also the biggest region of India by population and by area. South Indian film industry is the second biggest film industry in India. This film industry producing movies in two major languages Tamil and Malayalam. South Indian actors and actresses are trend makers in south areas. Especially south Indian actresses are putting very deep impacts on new generation. Boys living there in south region are mad fans of these actresses because of their hot and sexy figures.

South Indian girls are not missing any chance to follow their favorite actress in any way of life. College girls are like to wear fashion dresses as they seen in south Indian movies, in which actress wears bold style dresses. Ladies and aunties at homes use to war Saree of same design as they seen in Tamil movies. South Indian actress Namitha and Maria are the top actresses there to be followed by their fans.

In short, people are too much impressed by the imaginary cinema world. Adopting new and latest fashions is not a bad thing but adopting these styles by giving up your own real traditions is no a good thing.

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