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Star Sacrifices for Beauty

Which girl dreams of being the place of movie stars and top models? However, not all victims know what celebrities are willing to cause envy of mere mortals.

It is hardly very pleasant to be hostage to his personal stylist, trainer, nutritionist and dare not go out without makeup.

For example, Gwen Stefani does not move and was advised by their nutritionist. Because she always travels with him, plus a retinue of 15 people – stylists, hairdressers and so star entourage. A manipulation of her appearance sometimes last almost all night.

The biggest sin, in which blame the stars have excess weight. And when you lose weight drastically, as they attribute anorexia. Keira Knightley and now is trying to show that he has a crush on fasting, but see it with suspicion.

However the scale of this disease in Hollywood exceed average indicators. A striking example is Haliluel gels. ”It was so weak when I stopped eating that my periods stopped, my bones became terribly fragile. I probably caused the irreparable damage to your body, “she says in one of his interviews. Now the former Spice Girl is healthy, but feel guilty that it was a role model for many girls.
These confessions are rare. Much of the stars say that nature has been generous to them and hate diets. At the same time impose its harsh food restrictions. Few are brave as Liz Hurley, who admits that they often go to bed hungry when it is to shoot a swimwear shoot. Most of them in an effort to not leave their ugly images, go to extremes. And start an endless diets and staggering fitness training. To withstand stress well, often resorting to antidepressants and sedatives, which are detrimental to the body. So do not rush to envy them …

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