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Sweet Korean Actor: Jung Yong Hwa

Cute and sweet looking.

Jeong Yong Hwa is Korean singer and actor. He is the leader in famous Korean band C.N. Blue. His acting career starts off when he got a role as one of the male lead in the drama You’re Beautiful which also involve co-star Jang Geun Suk.

His latest Kdrama is Heartstrings or You’ve fallen for me partnering with Park Shin Hye, the same female lead in You’re beautiful.

Something about Jung Yong Hwa

1. Yong hwa learned guitar from his friend. He says the guitar is a simple instrument playing.

2. For Yong hwa, brands are not important, but the clothes are suitable for people more important.

3. When Yong Hwa is choosing his clothes, he likes to mix and match clothes with bright colors and he will never forget the rings and accessories. That’s why I always see him wearing earring…

4. Yonghwa have over 100 pairs of shoes. (WOW)

5. Yonghwa received an award at the 2010 Korea Drama Festival for his role as Kang Shin-Woo in the drama You’re Beautiful.

6. Yong hwa love to eat Spaghetti

7. Yong Hwa usually like to wear T-shirt + jeans, albeit to a lesser but he was a man he had a lot of accessories and shoes.

8. Yong hwa first kiss, a junior class.

9.Yong hwa said that “the most handsome member CNBLUE Jonghyun it, not me.”

10. Yong hwa says he does not care beautiful or an ugly girl, he is concerned, if he is on the side of the woman and she feels comfortable, then she will be whom Yonghwa choose.

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