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Tha-three Iconic Photographers! article on three famous photographers!

Patrick Demarchelier

 Born in France in 1943, Demarchelier is a renowned French fashion photographer. In 1989 Demarchelier became the official photographer of Diana, Princess of Wales, becoming the first non British photographer for the Royal Family. He is also responsible for the several Vogue cover shoots she modelled.



Testino was the photographer responsible for the engagement images of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Like Patrick Demarchelier, he too has produced some of the most famous images of the late Princess Diana, including her Vanity Fair cover. He has also produced work for fashion publications and brands such as Burberry, Gucci and Zara.


David LaChapelle


Well known for his vivid and sexualised images, David LaChapelle has photographed the likes of Madonna, Tupac Shakur, Lil’ Kim and Naomi Campbell. He grew up loving photography and the first photograph he took was of his mother in a bikini holding a martini glass whilst they were on holiday. Last year the photographer was also linked to singer Rihanna after she was accused of using some of LaChapelle’s work in her S&M video.


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