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The Most Intelligent Person in The World

Who is the most intelligent person in the world?

One of science’s great question, still debated keenly, is: What is intelligence. It can almost be easier to answer what intelligence is not: Intelligence is not the same as talent. Even today there is still no conclusive definition of intelligence. However, there is general agreement that intelligence is about the ability to perceive and partly about the ability to use one’s experience and knowledge in new and unfamiliar situations. Several researchers suggest that intelligence is includes as different charachteristics as creativity, personality, knowledge, wisdom, emotions and body sensations. 

But who is the most intelligent person in the world?

American William James Sidis (1898-1944) is probably the smartest man who ever lived. He got his IQ tested several times, each time with a score between 280-300. When he started school, spoke and wrote both Latin, Greek, German, French, Russian and Hebrew.
As a 11 year old was Sidis the youngest student at Harvard University ever. As 18 years old, he was able to learn a new language in a day.  

Later in life he determined to live an indipendet and private life. He wrote on cosmology, American Indian history, a comprehensive and definitive taxonomy of vehicle transfers, a comprehensive study of civil engineering and vehicles, and several well-substantiated lost texts on anthropology, philology, and transportation systems, Sidis covered a broad range of subjects. Some of his ideas concerned cosmological reversibility, “social continuity, and individual rights in the United States.

Despite an IQ of 290, a great ear and several books and theories, he never became famous and successful.


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