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Tiger Woods Will Begin a Therapy to Address Sex Addiction

The American golfer is weighing the possibility to undergo treatment to eradicate the serious problems of sexual addiction that have ruined and his personal life.

The American golfer Tiger Woods is prepared to immediately resolve the problems that are affecting himself to his personal life and his marriage following the publication of his numerous amorous.

The best golfer of the century wants to convince his wife, suecaElin Nordegren, which can change and correct past mistakes and reverse their problems with sex.

According to the newspaper said The Times on its website, the golfer has informed his wife that is willing to undergo therapy treatment to stop sex addiction that led him to commit numerous infidelities in recent times.

The U.S. would have such a predisposition to soar at the personal and marriage that would be their main argument being temporarily removed from his successful career.

The Times also reveals most popular golfer in the raids which are involved both personal friends and great sports legends, as the legendary former basketball star Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley.

The ‘Tiger’ came to various casinos and clubs in Las Vegas with his friends where he played out of control, drinking and smoking, always surrounded by lush girls while squandering enormous amounts of money on gambling.

After completion of risking economic sum bestial, Tiger, accompanied by his friends, disappeared from the casinos and clubs together with beautiful women in the limousine headed for the hotel.

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