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Top 10 Most Attractive Men in The World

List of top ten most attractive and popular men in the world 2010 according to Internet web survey.

While Johnny Depp is the most attractive man of the year, golfer Tiger Woods became the least attractive to the female gender. Athlete won the title after the majority of women favor him as the man with the smallest sex appeal.

Tiger Woods is an athlete in shape and does not look so bad but its totally shocking double life is so shocking news which upset everyone. At the superficial level was a perfect example but it took one bad shot the ball and his robot perfect image is transformed into a tangle of lies and fraud, said Lance Gould editor of The Boston Phoenix why Woods earned.

In ranking the less attractive men in the world appeared a husband Sandra Bullock Jassy James, who finished sixth. Like Woods he cheated on his wife for years with his lover. Tenth position occupied by the head of the Catholic Church.

Ten of the less attractive men in the world:

1st Tiger Woods

2nd Mike Sorrentino

3rd John Edwards

4th Kevin Smith

5th John Mayer

6th Jesse James

7th Glenn Back

8th Jay Leno

9th Mark Sanford

10th Pope Benedict

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  1. webseowriters

    On June 18, 2010 at 7:11 am

    I think its the list of Ten of the less attractive men in the world

  2. Amanda

    On June 18, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    This is stupid. And webseowriters is right… also, just because a man is a cheater, does that really mean he is unattractive? I was under the impression that attractiveness has to do with cheek bones, symmetry of facial features, and physical fitness…not morality and political/religious opinion.

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