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Top Five Conservative Media Personalities

Talking right is big business in America…


Rush Limbaugh has been the King of Conservative Radio for over two decades.  Industry experts estimate his daily listening audience to be in the range of 20 million.  Those kinds of numbers place him at the very top of the list.  Such is his power and influence, liberal politicians often attempt to portray Limbaugh as the De facto leader of the Republican Party, a charge Limbaugh laughs off as “…all too common liberal stupidity.”  Regardless, Limbaugh’s power and influence upon America’s political dialogue is undeniable.


The 46 year old Beck is the younger upstart to Rush Limbaugh, and while Beck’s radio audience is considerably smaller than Limbaugh’s, it is Beck’s Fox News television program that has propelled him into the top tier of conservative media personalities.  When combining his radio audience with his cable news audience, Becks following is nearing 14 million per day.  He also is a prolific writer, and public speaker, as well as being arguably the most loathed by liberal Americans.


Sean Hannity was once seen as the heir apparent to Rush Limbaugh, though with Glenn Beck’s meteoric rise in recent years, that path is no longer so certain.  That being said, Hannity remains a fixture in the conservative media, and like Beck, enjoys both a popular national radio show as well as being the equally successful host of the Sean Hannity show on Fox.  Hannity’s audience is approximately 15 million per day.


Mark Levin has seen his stock rise considerably in recent years with his incredibly successful book Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto.  Levin’s radio audience is approaching 10 million per day.  His sometimes aggressive repudiation of his liberal callers has become a trademark, though his intellectual understanding of America’s political landscape is highly regarded as well.


Perhaps the most aggressive conservative of the top 5 is Michael Savage, whose loyal listening audience has seen a significant increase since Barack Obama was elected President in 2008.  Savage is just that at times – savage regarding his disdain for American liberalism and political correctness.  The Savage Nation radio show now enjoys a daily listening audience of nearly 9 million.

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