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Top Five Richest Japanese Billionaires

Japan’s Richest and most famous billionaires – those who used to dominate the Forbes lists but recently dropped from the top 10 lists.

Hiroshi Yamauchi – $7.8 Billion, Nintendo President

Hiroshi Yamauchi is the third president of the world famous gaming Nintendo Company. Hiroshi is solely responsible for transforming Nintendo from a small card company into a world leader in video gaming technology and a multi-billion dollar consol maker. He was succeeded by Satoru Iwata in 2005 after being chairman and president of Nintendo for over 55 years. Hiroshi also owned the Seattle Mariners baseball team which is now being managed by the former Nintendo chairman for the US, Howard Lincoln. Today, Hiroshi is the richest person in Japan and ranked as the 149th richest person in the world. Hiroshi Yamauchi is rarely seen in public and 80 years old. He still owns a controlling share in his Nintendo company and since the launch of Nintendo Wii, his shares went up 48%.

Akira Mori – $7.7 Billion, Real Estate & Landlord

Akira’s father, Taikichiro Mori, created the Mori building company, it grew rapidly. Soon afterwards, Akira’s brother Minoru Mori became the head of the company. The company’s success was marked in 1991 and 1992 when Akira’s brother Minoru was listed by Forbes as the richest man in the world. After their father died in 1993, the two siblings split their father’s company between themselves. Half of the company went to Akira’s elder brother Minoru Mori and it was called Mori Building Company. Akira’s part of the company became known as Mori Trust. Today, Mori Trust is one of the biggest landlord companies in Japan and owns countless hotels, apartments, buildings, lodges, towers and plots of land. Currently, Akira and his Mori Trust are involved in building the “Shangri-La Hotel” next to Tokyo Station in Tokyo Japan.

Kunio Busujima – $5.4 Billion, Gambling Machine Maker

With 5.4 Billion US Dollars, Kunio Busujima is easily the 3rd richest person in Japan according to 2006 Surveys and Forbes. His wealth comes from his company which he founded and is now the chairman of – Sankyo Corporations. In Japanese, Sankyo means the “Third One” which is ironic since he is the 3rd richest person in Japan. His company is one of the three major gambling machine making companies in Japan. His company is known for their pachinko machines which are used in amusement parks and carnivals in Japan. His company’s growth was heavily hampered by strict gambling restrictions and industrial laws but through new marketing strategies, the company is expected to make huge profits in 2008.

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