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Top Five Sexiest Black Haired Actresses

There is a certain type of actresses that are so passionate that nothing else seems to matter when you watch them. Here are top five sexiest black haired actresses that we just love.

Megan Fox

Image by nicogenin via Flickr

Although some compare this sexy black haired actress to Angelina Jolie, the truth is that she has a style of her own. She is the youngest actress on this list, but still, this girl is definitely one of the sexiest black haired actresses ever. Megan even has her role model, and who other but Marilyn Monroe; a blond model for a black haired actress. She even has a tattoo of her model on her right forearm. This sexy Hollywood actress is spending a lot of time with her Transformer’s costar Michael Papajohn. Apperantly she was so hot, that he even wished that she put’s more clothes on.

Monica Bellucci

Image via Wikipedia

This actress is absolutely stunning. She’s Italian, speaks four languages, and she’s won one award. But what do critics know. As Crusty the Clown once said, “They wouldn’t know what fun is even if it jumped out and bite them for the ass.” She became popular after her role in Malena. And she sure is one of the top five sexiest black haired actresses. She just loves to work with her husband, French actor-director Vincent Cassel with whom she has a baby girl. She is known for her love for couture wedding dresses. But there is no harm if they don’t work for a while together.

Selma Hayek

Image via Wikipedia

She is 42, but she still looks as if she is 25. Since she had her daughter Valentina, this sexy black haired actress committed herself to helping mothers in many developing nations. And if you ever wanted to know, her full name is Salma Valgarma Hayek Jiménez.

Jennifer Connelly

Image via Wikipedia

Some actresses have style. But Jennifer was born with it. Just look at the photo and everything will be clear to you. Her biggest professional achievement is the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in A Beautiful Mind. And don’t forget that she is one of the sexiest black haired actresses. Apparently, Jennifer had a fight with Jennifer Aniston on the set of their new movie He’s Just Not That Into You. Some said that Jennifer Aniston refused to share a Marie Claire cover with the Oscar winner. Too bad she didn’t hit this list.

Ziyi Zhang

Image via Wikipedia

This sexy black haired actress knows how to handle swards, so be careful when you come on to her with some cheap lines. Zhang was born China, and she’s got tones of awards. Zhang attended Beijing’s Central Academy of Drama for one year. This sexy black haired actress in 1999 began her acting career in in one Chinese drama.

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