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Top Five: Sexiest Red Haired Actresses

Usually people like blond actresses, and some of them like black haired actresses. And what about the sexiest red haired actresses that we like to watch in cinemas? Because of some strange phenomena red hair occur naturally in less than 5% of the population. So, for this reason it has become increasingly popular in the movie industry. Here is a list of top five sexiest red haired actresses.

Marcia Cross

This sexy red haired actress is not only incredibly beautiful, but she is one of the most talented actresses. She started as a soap opera actress, but back in 1992, when she got her first big opportunity. She got herself a role in “Merlose Place”. And who doesn’t remember Kimberly Shaw? She was one of the best characters in the show. She showed some temper over there. And the best part is that she can always blame it on the red hair. Never the less, Marcia is one of the sexiest red haired actresses in Hollywood. She is well known by her love for couture dresses and expensive jewelry. And, off course, she just loves her red hair.

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Lindsay Lohan

Believe it or not, Lindsey Lohan started her career when she was only three years old as a Ford Model. When she was 17, she was voted for 5th hottest teen female star. She was so young, but she sure did show potential. But not only that; this sexy red haired actress is known as a party maniac. She just loves to drink, and even some people say that she loves cocaine. No wonder many guys see her as a perfect mother to their children. Or do they not? And just for the record, Lindsay’s favorite food is Italian.

Lohan at the Calvin Klein Spring 2007 Fashion Show Afterparty

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Angie Everhart

This actress is 5’10’’, so don’t try to mess with her. No one knows if she knows any marshal arts, but it’s not something you want to find out. Never the less, magazines like FHM and Maxim just love her. According to them, she is one of the sexiest actresses. Don’t forget that she is naturally red haired. When you look at her, you could definitely say that red hair suits her personality. But, don’t worry, she’s not a spitfire. 

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Nicole Kidman

Nicole sure gives the word elegance its true meaning. She is one of the sexiest red haired actresses ever. Did you know she was born in Honolulu, Hawaii? When she was young, she just loved ballet. And with those legs, it’s a pity she stopped. She was married with Tom Cruise for years. Wonder if Tom ever called her redhead.

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Isla Fisher

She’s Scottish and she is red haired. What more can you want from a woman. Isla Fisher is definitely one of the sexiest red haired actresses in the world. This fierce redhead simply loves the power that she has as a woman. And she is convinced that women are the one who are really ruling the world. Her hobby is manipulating men. Or does she see this as her full time job? But one is for sure; it’s good to have her on this planet. 

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