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Top Six Famous Ugly Men and Beautiful Women

Top six famous ugly men and beautiful women.

While not an overwhelming beauty, some would say I am really ugly, these men have a special charm, are perhaps less mysterious and most beautiful women can conquer with a glance. How is this possible?

According to studies, a couple where the woman is more attractive than the man has a better chance of success than a couple in which the partners are equally attractive. It is known that for men, partner’s physical appearance is more important than other qualities, while women behave the way the man next to them is more important than physical beauty. And anyway, beauty is a matter quite subjective, because one person may be perceived by some as ugly and beautiful by others.

Maybe you have wondered how you fell in love with the beautiful Heidi Klum and Seal married. Often, men “hate” are more winsome than the handsome, who expects everything to come “ready-made”, are immature and sometimes even lack the charm, eh?


It is an extremely talented singer, who has three Grammys to his credit. He had relationships with many models, and in 2004 loves the beautiful Heidi Klum . The two met when Victoria’s Secret supermodel was pregnant with Formula 1 mogul, Flavio Briatore. Seal and Heidi have four children and formed one of the most beautiful Hollywood couples

Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez , his wife is one of Hollywood celebrities with the most appetizing back, and assured him that for a few million dollars. Beauty is not the only artist who has strolled through Anthony’s life: before JLO, Marc has been married toformer Miss Universe, Dayanara Torres , which was separated since … was not true. Although this “combination” – Jenny and Mark – is quite bizarre, they seem to have a happy marriage

Lyle Lovett

U.S. actor and singer was married in 1993 Julia Roberts, one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. For two years he took his marriage, Julia and Lyle were the American press nicknamed “Beauty and the Beast.” Lovett has been involved in a relationship with the beautiful actress Ashley Judd


American singer and producer is a very enviable of men, and because it is beautiful marriedBeyonce . And where you put the tabloid press in America claims to have had a relationship with Rihanna , has been a manager?

Mick Jagger

There never was a handsome man, but passed through his bed beautiful women (about 7000): from models to actresses, among them, including the Jerry Hall, Carla Bruni, Elle Macpherson, Uma Thurman, Daryl Hannah, Kate Moss, Tina Turner, Brigitte Bardot, Jane Seymour, Minnie Driver, Angelina Jolie etc.. Jerry Hall, the State with which Mick has 20 years, confessed in his autobiography: “I loved him, and he swore eternal love me, but I was very unsure of himself. It replaced the drugs, the exaggerated sex. By 1979 had begun to go out without me. He told me he had one meeting and then call me to tell me that it was extended. I know that a teenager will see that, but each time denying the obvious “

Adrien Brody

It has a large nose is a little too Sylphide “, but an incredible sex appeal. He loved three years with Spanish actressRomanian-born Elsa Pataky .And it’s just one of beauty ..

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