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Top Ten Beautiful Faces of Pakistan

We should not fundamentalist beauty with region, and should not compare Asian beauty with White beauty. Beauty is everywhere in the world but I will show top ten most beautiful women in Pakistan at this post.

As i mentioned above, every region has beautiful people . Although there are lots of beautiful faces here in pakistan’ but  i would like to mention few faces from last 30 years that are considered as ideal. 

No 10 is sanam balooch, she is recently got fame in pakistna and favourite of new generation.

Mehreen Rahe and Sadia Khan : Mehreen  has got fame while sadia khan is new face now.this is Mahreen  this is Sadia Khan

Mehwish Hayat is on 8 number , she has got fame internationally and considered as 8th most beautiful women in Asia

Shaista Wahidi is most papolur host and model now a days in pakistan but few years back a beautiful famous actress named Shahiba Rembo is also on number 7this is Sahiba Rembo

and Shaista Wahidi’s pic is

Saba Qamar is new and most wanted face now a days while Zeba Bakhtiar is old pakistani actress.


Iman Ali is very popular model and actress in pakistan.

Ayesha Khan is very pretty face now popular in youth while Reema Khan is ever green beauty. Both are on number 4while 

Reema Khan is

Juggan kazim is also working now as host and actress.She is on number 3

Sara Chudhary is on 2nd number, and her face is very innocent and considered as most cute face in pakistan.

The most popular face since last 30 years is Mahnoor Balooch and she is still smart’ beautiful and gorgeous.

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