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Triangle, Diamond Hand Sign & Shapes Used in Entertainment, Government, Religion & More

You may have seen an entertainer, government leader or someone else hold their hands in a photo in an awkward way. You may not have thought to much about it. However, there is something being communicated and you just might want to know.

We use them daily, hand signs.  Whether communicating what we feel, signaling others what our affiliations are, or giving a God or many gods praise, we don’t always share information verbally to get our points across.  Take a moment to view the many photos of well-known entertainers, government leaders, educators, inventors, business owners, and others of both yesteryear and today.  Notice any similarities in the way they hold their hands?

There are many websites and blogs that do an excellent job of exposing just how fraternal many industries are all over the world, and the common denominator is the triangle also known as the diamond hand sign as well as many other occult symbols.  It seems that years of telling one’s child he or she can be successful at anything, isn’t necessarily true especially if his or her parents, relatives or friends don’t “know” someone in a powerful position or have key affiliations that can help.  The old adage, “it’s who you know…” rings true.

Scores of photos show the triangle hand sign presented in plain view whether up or down or hidden cleverly.  Some examples of many famous people displaying the triangle hand sign can be found here.  If this site should be removed, search for occult hand signs or other similar words.

So the question one must ask is, are all these famous people using the triangle or diamond hand sign a part of the same organization?  It all depends on who you ask.  Some may be a part of different sects of the same group studying under similar philosophers, religious or fraternal leaders.  You may have witnessed a group that is divided up into different ethnicities, but all worship the same God or a professional organization divided up based on different locations, but still report to the same corporate leaders.  This is usually how many of these groups are organized with layer after layer of connections surrounding a single core group.  All may use similar hand signs to represent which group they belong like with members of college fraternities and sororities.  However, we have to make an exception for those who aren’t aware of the way they are holding their hands in photos, meetings and on television screens.  For instance, let’s say you snap a photo of a relative or friend who happens to awkwardly hold his or her hands in a strange way that wouldn’t mean that he or she is affiliated with a certain group.

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