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V Review Blakes Seven Series ONE Episode Five THE WEB

The Liberator crew are held hostage by a giant cobweb in space.


One of the Seven’s oddest adventures and again, a detour from their planned major surprise assault on the Federation that is hunting for them.

On a remote World, some gothic, tinfoil clad vampiric figures are chanting a summons for assistance. A foetus in a glass tank of fluid accompanies them, though the foetus has the head of a full-grown man.

On The Liberator, the newly acquired crewmember, the telepathic Cally, is possessed by the alien beings and attempts to sabotage the ship. Jenna, acting as their pilot is also affected.

The ship runs into a giant spider’s web in space, which won’t let them free. The crew are communicated with by the weird vampiric beings that request some synthetic fluids to enable them to continue to survive.

Blake and later, Avon go down to the planet, to find the vampires living in a building that seems to be composed of portacabins and bouncy castles. The vampires are besieged by squealing entities looking somewhat like a cross between the Zygons from Dr. Who and The Creature From The Black Lagoon.

Blake learns that the vampires and these monsters are both products of genetic experiments by the embryo-man, who is actually all six surviving telepaths from Cally’s own people. Blake only learns all this as the monsters attack and kills the vampires, as the crew return to The Liberator and finally break free from the space web.

A silly often-surreal episode full of lost opportunities. Cally wants to find her people but isn’t told of the creature in the lab. There is a hint of the conflict between the Eloi and Morlocks in the struggle between the two genetic races, and Avon sees the savagery of their conflict as representative of where the fight between rebels and Federation will lead. Overall though, the episode is just plain odd.

Arthur Chappell

Liked it
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