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Why Celebrities Join The Illuminati!

The truth Why Celebrities Join the illuminati.

Recently many people have talked about the topic the “Illuminati” Well today I am going to share some infomation of how and why celebrities join the illuminati..

For most Celebrities the Illuminati isn’t something that they asked for but the Illuminati came to them and they can not say no.. There are many reasons why they can’t say no to the Illuminati, The illuminati is demanding and if you talk against them or don’t want to join they might kill you and make you lose all of your fame.

To get people to join the illuminati offers large sums of money and fame and do you remember that saying from the bible “Money is the root of all evil” Well this is very true in this case. Becuase they are selling their souls to devil for fame and money which is something no one should ever do.

Some celebrites scarificed family members, girlfriends and friends to join the illuminati, And yes by scarificed I mean they killed them or had something to do with there death. They do this to show their loyalness to the Illuminati.

It is very hard to Be any type of famous person without having some type of encounter with the Illuminati and you don’t even have to be famous to encouter the Illuminati many non famous people see things just most don’t know what they see because they know nothing about it!

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