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Why I Don’t Accept Nick Clegg’s Apology

"A stiff apology is a second insult" – G. K. Chesterton.

This week, Nick Clegg posted a video apologising for all everything that the Liberal Democrats have done wrong during their time in the Coalition Government. In particular, what happened with their stance on tuition fees back in 2010. Several parodies and the odd rap remix later, and I think it’s safe to say that the general public has called “Bull-S**t” on this apology. In fact, I have something I want to say to Mr. Clegg: Trying to gain back integrity only works if you had some in the first place.

Oh sure, we all knew that David Cameron was a rich, upper-class, back-stabbing twat long before he came into power. He’s a Conservative for God’s sake; it’s practically a mandatory qualification for that party. But let’s talk about what you and most of the Liberal Democrats did with tuition fees.

You and your party promised that if you came to power, you would scrap tuition fees by phasing them out over a number of years. A promise you and members of your party signed a pledge saying you would keep. I even saw some of them do it in the Houses of Parliament with my own two eyes. And considering that most of the other parties at the time weren’t talking about it (Which during election periods means they don’t want to bring up something that could lose them the election), this seemed the most reasonable argument.

Of course the minute that you jumped into bed with the Conservatives, you and your party abandoned your promise and now, this month, every new university student in England has had their fees tripled from the amount that their older counterparts paid last year. This makes me and about 99% of the people I know very angry.

But Mr. Clegg, it’s not just your stance on tuition fees you’ve abandoned is it? It’s your stance on Trident, the VAT rise and numerous other politics as well. Yes, it’s hardly your fault that the Liberal Democrats are stuck in a political system that makes chances for them to gain power about as rare as an intelligent TOWIE cast member. No one can really blame you for teaming up with the Tories when you got the chance to gain some real power.

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