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A Homestuck Game in The Making?

This is about how an average group of people funded an expensive computer game project in under a week.

As you already know, the web comic “Homestuck” has become increasingly popular for the age group of 14-20 (see my previous article: But recently, the author of Homestuck, Andrew Hussie, has released information about a Homestuck computer game. At first, we all thought it was a joke. But then, he posted this on his Tumblr page:


The link that he inserts is this:

It is a website that helps people raise money for projects all through donation. Andrew Hussie gave himself 30 days to raise 700,000 dollars for this project, not knowing how fast the fans would respond. With the help of a couple prizes for donating a certain amount, his goal was easily reached. The first prize was for a 15 dollar donation, and resulted in a free download of the completed game. The more you donate, the more valuable the prizes are. They range from limited addition homestuck dolls (as seen above), to complete replica outfits of the main characters of Homestuck. Here are just a few examples of prizes:

With the strong morale of the fans (and of course with the bribe of prizes), we were able to raise the 700,000 dollars in a shockingly short 32 hours! 

The extremely proud author then continued to make another post on Tumblr, gushing his happiness towards the fandom. But, with 28 days to go, why not fund it a little more? We decided to continue donating until time runs out, and with now 23 days left and over 950,000 dollars donated, we hope to make sure this is the best game that money can buy. Join the other 11,000 backers for this project and donate today! I, myself have donated 15 dollars and am excitedly awaiting with the rest of the fans for my free copy of the game to come out in 2014, when it shall be released. Let’s just hope that is doesn’t end up like SBURB and destroy the world!

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