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Can Red Cross Help Me Pay for Rent?

Can Red Cross help me pay for rent? Well, there are actually a lot of organizations and programs that can help you pay your rent. There are national and local government programs offered to their people, and there are also non-government organizations that can lend you a hand for this kind of problem. One of the non-government organizations is Red Cross. Yes, Red Cross can help me pay for rent.

Red Cross

Red Cross is a international volunteer humanitarian organization created in 1859 in the Battle of Solferino by Jean Henri Dunant. Red Cross logo is suggested by its name red cross which symbolizes the five founders of the organization. Red Cross is also known as Red Crescent and Red Crystal today. Before, their goal was to protect civilians and help those who are wounded soldiers. This organization has been created during the times of war. Today, Red Cross is divided in six services which are the Disaster Management Services, Safety Services, Social Services, National Blood Service, Community Health and Nursing Services, and Red Cross Youth. Its main vision is founded to protect human life and health, to ensure respect for all human beings, and to prevent and alleviate human suffering, without any discrimination on nationality, race, sex, religious beliefs, class or political opinions.

They Help People In Need

Red Cross has helped several people since it was established. They have saved millions of lives who have been struck by war or disaster. They usually respond to emergencies like accidents, disasters, and other forms of emergencies. They offer shelter to these people and provide food for them. Red Cross also caters bloodletting and blood selling to people who seeks blood for medical use. They provide trainings for nurses and volunteers that are willing to help people who need first aid and medical assistance. They also do community social work and medical missions in marginalized areas in different parts of the world. They also offer youths in school and even out of school youths to be involved in community service so they could spend their time for worthwhile activity. They can also help you develop your self-confidence in interacting with people through their trainings on leadership and others.  And for your information, Red Cross can also help pay your rent.

Red Cross’ Terms to Help Pay for Rent

Like other organizations, Red Cross provided terms and policies so they will help you pay your rent. You have to be eligible in their qualifications. They usually offer help in a short term basis. They can also help you pay your rent by letting you donate blood giving you a chance to win a prize in a drawing wherein the prize may be one month of free rent. This technique has been used by the organization to solve their problem in low blood bank. This would be a give-an-take situation.

Red Cross can also provide you money to pay for your rent through making a loan to Red Cross. They usually verify you current status so they would be confident in lending you money. One of the requirements is that you should have a stable job to attest that you can pay the loan within a certain length of time. They usually ask you proof of your income and they even ask you to pass an eviction notice from your house or apartment.


Red Cross has helped several people from different countries in the world. They have played a big role in all the disasters and problem in the world. But if you’re wondering “Can red Cross help me pay for rent?” – then, they will answer you back ‘Yes, Red Cross can help pay for rent.”

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