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Encourage Children and Teens to Volunteer

Adolescence is very critical. Children of modern life are more sedentary. They feel more bored and neglected. Involving them in voluntary activities can make them grow confident and meaningful.

Teenage is very critical. Teens today are different from teens of the past because of the changing developments in the modern world. They are more active. But they seem to be bored, anxious, and frustrated. Parents, teachers and other elders do not have enough time to watch them and guide them properly. The children grow restless and are easily attracted to unwanted sources. Involving children and teens in social activities may help them a lot. Encourage them to volunteer in such activities whenever there is an occasion. That will help their positive growth.

Why should children learn to volunteer?

1) Helping others is human. Volunteering is an altruistic activity intended to promote, or help others.

2) Volunteering is a service to the society through one’s own interests, personal skills or learning, which in return produces a feeling of self-esteem and satisfaction. It helps one’s skill development and social development.

3) Children, trained in voluntary activities, become involved in others. It is an interesting fun for them. It develops their inner qualities as well as others.

4) Volunteering helps the children to grow less violent as they are today. It diverts their attention from images of violent movies and other games. Children grow violent and aggressive by watching TV and videos most of the time.

5) Volunteering helps children to come out of their shy nature and get interest in others. This builds up their social qualities.

6) By involving in voluntary activities children and teens can avoid their boredom and learn to utilise their idle time constructively. It will also help them relate to peers and gain new perspectives in life due to the interaction with others.

How to encourage children and teens to volunteer?

1) Parents, teachers and others should encourage children and teens to initiate voluntary services. By sharing responsibilities with them they can build up their inner qualities. Their encouraging words and deeds will help the children to get more confidence and satisfaction in volunteering.

2) Schools offer many opportunities for volunteering. Volunteering develops the social skills of children. Schools usually offer special credits for developing qualities of volunteering.  

3) Volunteering in schools can help teaching since children can share and learn easily from other children.

4) By nature, children are prone to volunteer. Children can be encouraged by showing them examples for volunteering. When the children find volunteering can help them in so many ways they will become more interested in volunteering.

5) Children and teens can be involved in social organizations such as guilds for children, YMCA, etc. and work to promote an event or cause.

Volunteering is a healthy quality which should be inculcated in childhood. It can build up a constructive and peaceful society.

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