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How Can You Get Grant Money for a Church

A church handles a lot of different projects. Just like any other project, a church also needs money to carry out its ventures.

There are many grant programs through which a church can acquire money for its various projects. Grants are basically of two different types. There are grants by the Government which are given to churches to carry out their projects. There are also private grants which are given by organizations and companies who look forward to helping the church. You can easily search for grants on the Internet as well as write grant proposals so that you can get some money for projects like feeding homeless, creating a community pantry, distributing clothes to poor, providing health services etc. Grants provide you with an appropriate amount of money to carry out these projects smoothly.

Different Types of Grants For A Church

1) Government Grant – To apply for Government grants for churches, you should visit the associated website on the Internet. Usually, this will have a ‘gov’ domain name.Once you are on the website, look for Find Grant Opportunities tab. The next step is to search for a grant which is related to your project. You can do this by typing a keyword related to your project. You can search for projects related to community garden, health services, food to homeless etc. By doing this, you will be able to find out information about grants that are related to your project.

The next step is to look through the search results. These results will tell you everything about a specific grant. This information usually includes the amount of money which will be given, the number of grants that will be awarded, last date for the grant application, eligibility criteria for your church to apply for a grant etc. You should find out the link which will register your organization for the grant. Once you have registered, you will have to wait for about five days for your application to process. The final step is to download the application form and fill it as required.

2) Private Grant – To apply for a private grant, you should visit the website for Urban Ministry. You should log on to this website and look for the free directory of church grants. Once you find the search tab, you can search through the amount of money given in the grant or region. Usually, there will be a tab which will be named Grants for Nonprofits. A church will fall in this category. Search for different types of grants in this category. There will be a brief description about different types of grants for churches by Government-Grant as well as private sector, the amount of money being offered, the eligibility criteria to qualify etc. You can easily surf the Internet to get more information about how to apply for a private grant. A lot of information is available which will guide you about filing an application form and submitting it. It will be better if you do some research before you find out your application.

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