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How to Make Free Money on Internet From Your Home

This article is about how to make money from your home with best earning site online.Brief guide given for working on these site and how to generate more money from them.

Money Maker

Welcome to Money Maker Articles.

Hello guyx, 

Today i will tell you some free site to make money online by just spending an hour on these sites from your computer you can make good income from home.I am working in these sites from couple of years and these site’s really good for earning money online and i will recomend you to to work on these site Believe me you can make good income from these sites.

Lets start with elance: 

This is the most amazing site for the freelancers to earn money.This is the biggest workplace where million’s of peoples are hired for work.Most amazing thing in this site is that more then 100000 jobs are provided in this site daily.

To register on this site it easy fallow this.Click here…. it will redirect you to elance registeration page.then choose the option (You are here) to work.Provide all trusted and real information as you are asked (real and trusted because if you will not provide real info you cannot verify which is done through live chat on skype).After submitting the registeration form you will get an email go and check it in the regtered email account.Click the link that will be in your email.Then it will take you back to elance.Complete you profile info.That’s it you sucessfully registered completed first step.

Then you have to verify you identity this is most important step that you have to perform after your registeration.

Here are the best tips to mentain your account and get more jobs on Elance.

Take Elance skill test it will increase your reputition and help you to get more jobs on elance.

1.Keep Your Profile Up To Date and always bid on those that you can do easily.

2.Write Awesome Proposals this will put good imperassion on the person who will going to hire you.

3.Join Groups conversation and learn from other elancer’s.

4.Take Care Of Your Reputation (take jobs that were suitable for you and you can do then easily).

5.Be Connected with elance (don’t leave elance more then one month).

Elance Payment processors(methods for getting paid).

Through Paypal, Checks ,Bank Wire transefer,elance prepaid master card and skrill.

Get-Paid :

This is one of my favourite site.There are lot of ways of earning on this site.I had joined this site on8 month’s ago.But now i am earning more then 300$ from this site monthly and its very easy to work on this site.


This is the first ptc site.Let me tell you little bit about ptc (Paid to click) In ptc site you will be rewarded some money (rate per click ad is different) for clicking on the ads that advertisers put on those site, but in clixsense you can earn money from several ways and most intresting ways of making money on this site is referral.

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