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Lindsay Lohan Violated Terms of Probation

The judge in the Los Angeles revoke probation Hollywood actress, Lindsay Lohan because she failed to fulfill an agreement for social work in society.

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Lindsay gets the punishment for theft and drunk driving in 2007.

25-year-old artist is guided out of the courtroom in Los Angeles Superior Court with hands cuffed upset because Judge Stephanie Sautner told Lohan, who has repeatedly violated the terms of probation.

“She again violated,” said Sautner are upset with the main character “Mean Girls” and his lawyer, Shawn Holley. “I told you that probation is mitigation of punishment, let me emphasize again` mitigation `and does not belong to Lohan,” Sautner said. Sautner said Lohan only meet two of the 360 ​​hours in specialized women’s treatment center.

Lohan to end its presence in the Women’s Healing Center in Center City since admitted that he failed to appear in the show. According to the judge, Lohan had spent nine performances agreements and in some cases only come for an hour even though asked to work for four hours each arrival.

Lohan had spent time at American Red Cross facility. Sautner decided to hold Lohan and gave him a fine of 100 thousand U.S. dollars.

Lohan was released in the afternoon after paying the fine and ordered to return to court on Nov. 2. After that, Lohan tells the social networking Tweeter about the latest legal case.

“I want everyone to know that just because I was not present and photographed while in social work, because it does not mean I do not fulfill the obligation to come to court,” Lohan said in his Tweeter.

Meanwhile, Sautner also ordered Lohan to report to the morgue in Los Angeles and social work for at least 16 hours before the trial in November.

Lohan says there are no objections on 11 May on charges of stealing a necklace worth $ 2,500 taken from Venice jewelry store.

She was given probation for three years and are required in jail for 120 days and meet the 480 hours of social work to redeem his se

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