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A Reflection on The Movie Freedom Writers (And How It Relates to Real Life)

Freedom Writers is a good film, and indeed, certain aspects of it are worth taking note of.

Respect is a big word. There is no such thing as a concrete definition of respect because its meaning differs in every person and how each one of us views it. It is said that one cannot give respect to another without having respect in yourself first, and so is trust. Those two things should start within us, and when we learn to respect and trust ourselves, we could also give respect and put our trust in others.

Without question, the movie Freedom Writers speaks of a sad reality. Living in an environment where violence and fights occur almost everyday like how shows on television are aired, certain aspects in the life of a normal teenager would not be so normal after all. Being born and growing up in such a dangerous place is no accident, and sometimes it just leaves people no choice. Respect and trust are two of the crucial things which are hard to give because above all, there would really be no assurance of whom and when to give those delicate possessions. Yes, respect and trust may be the only things left in them, and so they hold on to it. People have different colors, backgrounds, and social statuses which hinder the possibility that we can be one. In the movie, it showed us that barriers and boundaries could be destroyed by letting our hearts and minds open to changes; that is, we can share ourselves to anyone despite cultural differences. Through the exerted efforts of Miss Gruwell, the class of Room 203 was united. It left me thinking and hoping for more Room 203’s out there, that in a bigger context may be, somehow, a united world.

The fact that we are human persons, not just mere human beings, actually gives us the idea of our moral responsibility to ourselves and others. Idealistic as it may sound, fulfilling that moral responsibility could make us hero to anyone. We are all heroes in our own way. Heroes don’t pertain to super powers, or someone who flies and have big muscles that literally carry the victim. Real-life heroes are worthwhile. They are distinguished kind of people who aren’t selfish and arrogant, because what they do isn’t only for themselves, but for the sake of also saving others. If we think about it, we’re all heroes and victims at the same time. If we save each other, this world wouldn’t be wasting its time being idealistic anymore. We could be out of suffering, for real.

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